Monday, May 16, 2011

i highly doubt it tastes better refrigerated like the pharmacist said

dear government health insurance program:

i received your notice today that you're terminating our coverage at the end of this month.
apparently the tiny amount of money jank is making at the VA [for a mere 12 weeks] is enough to disqualify us from your program.

we're so glad you're waiting until the end of the month to kick us off,
because miss kate decided she wanted to see the doctor one last time before we got the boot.
[on the morning of her birthday party no less]
and it sure was lovely to not have a copay to worry about.
[sometimes being a grad student has perks.... but mostly it sucks]

kate woke up saturday morning whining and crying and being generally annoying.
she wouldn't snuggle with jank and she didn't want her milk.
she kept pointing at her ear and saying 'owwwwie' [ahhhh i love a talking child. so much easier!]

we packed her up and headed to the instacare.
diagnosis: red, bulging right eardrum.
jank and i looked at each other and pondered 'cancel bday party or load her up with NSAIDs??'
being the loving and caring parents we are, we decided to march onward with the party.

fast forward four hours to a 900 sq foot apartment packed with 18 people and one heavily drugged child.
she had a blast at the party and has been a star about taking her medicine.
i thought she would regress back to the terror she was last week [especially with the excuse of ear pain],
but thankfully her good spirits have remained.

i feel like we've crossed another milestone in parenthood:
bottle of pink antibiotic in fridge? done and done.

thanks medicaid for helping us through grad school.
you've been great, but i'm happy to not deal with your red tape anymore.
standing in line at your office for over 20 minutes with yet another verification form with a toddler is not cool.
and dealing with your cranky federal employees has been anything less than fun.
but still, you've been helpful and we appreciate that.

thanks and goodbye.
the jancers.


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