Wednesday, December 14, 2011

tales from yuma

how you know you live near the border:

when driving your husband to work in the morning,
[because it's extremo foggy and cold and the scooter isn't an option]
and you see the 'special forces' hummer/tank driving past with an entire team of people hanging onto it. and said people are wearing all black, have impressive-looking guns strapped onto their backs and have bullet-proof vests on.

that's when you know you live in a border town.
[but at least my zantac is only $2!]

also, when your husband reports that 18[!!!] patients 'no-showed' to their appointments yesterday and the office staff says it's due to the rain..... that's how you know you live in the desert. 

also, also, we won't even get started on a little something we like to call 'hispanic-panic' because then i'll have to spend hours telling you all about the multitude of people who clog up our ER with complaints of 'my baby woke up crying so i brought her in even though now she's perfectly fine and probably just needed to be fed' or 'i've had this pain in my arm muscle for 3 years and am too lazy/cheap to see a primary care physician about it so i'm checking into the ER because you are required by law to see me and i don't have to pay my bill' and my favorite, favorite, favorite- 'i need you guys to give my kid his immunizations and well-child exam'. 

God bless Yuma.

and God bless me with more patience because after 4 nights of that ridiculousness... i was ready to explode. and that's putting it nicely. 


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Thistles Home & Gift said...

What an adventure you are having! Hope this weekend goes a little better. I dont know "weather" to pray for rain or not...oh gosh I crack myself up:)