Thursday, August 22, 2013


miss kate:

or shall we say miss sass?

the last two or three days have been... interesting.
you're pushing boundaries like crazy and it's taken all my mothering will-power to not wallop you upside the head.
instead i've been threatening you with taking away your blankies [the ultimate punishment in your book since you only get them at bedtime and you claim you 'neeeeed' them to sleep because your 'head hurts if you don't have them']
yesterday i actually took them away but ended up giving just one [you have three] back to you after you sobbed for 5 minutes in your bed at bedtime.
i figured if i didn't give it to you, you would sleep terribly and there's nothing worse than a night without solid sleep, so i caved.
and i deeply regret it today.
you don't appeared to have learned anything.

if i didn't love you so dearly....

let's just leave it at that.
you're lucky kid i love you so much.

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