Wednesday, February 1, 2012


A dang near perfect month to have a baby n'est pas? [did my high school French just flair up?? Pregnancy makes me all kinds of kooky]

So let's do this baby E!
You've officially been evicted.
I'm beyond anxious to meet you.



Get that stinkin' baby here!!! I can't wait to see her! You look freakin' adorable and by that I mean I know you are miserable and want it out so badly, but you really look beautiful!I really miss you. Maybe someday you will decide that we can be friends even though you abandoned me and won't ever answer my phone calls. Let me know ;)

Tyrel said...

Kayla, according to my reader you wrote this post forty minutes into February. Give the poor girl some time :) Like until tomorrow (i don't want to miss out on chili's tonight) Then you can be home from the hospital in time for me to watch the superbowl with her cuddled up in my arms, while you stuff your face with delicious food that won't give you heartburn (hopefully) Start pushing, eating spicy food, jumping, castor oil and ehhhhheeemm (you know).

Kerrianne said...

Tick-tock, tick-tock!!!! I cannot wait! Hurry up little one, your aunt and uncle want to have a skype date to meet you :) good luck during labor Kayla. Hopefully the epidural works on both sides this time (if youre going that route).