Monday, January 30, 2012

everyone good with weekly updates, cuz that's all i have energy for right now.

soon, soon, soon.
but when???

i had some testing done last thursday to ensure that this little squirt is doing ok despite not growing very big.
happy to report that all is well.
baby passed her NST within the first 5 minutes and my amniotic levels came back within the normal range [albeit on the low end, but that was expected].
i'll have these tests done weekly until i deliver.

nana's came to town last week and it's been wonderful.
she's cleaned my house, weeded my yard, done the grocery shopping, made meals, done the dishes [daily] and chauffeured kate to and from school so i could get some extra sleep.
oh and let's not forget that she and jank potty-trained kate in one day.
no biggie.
[although we're still working on staying dry through the night]
it's so nice to have my mom around.
thanks mom for not judging me for how much i sleep or for how often we have dominos for dinner! [their cheese-bread is my weakness]

and now some pics i've been hoarding in my phone:

this girl can never have enough books.

just one of many meals i haven't made.
it's so nice to wake up to this....
what will i do when nana leaves??

and this happened one day during nap-time.
i've only had 2 pedicures in my life and i have to wonder why don't i get one monthly?

kate waiting patiently in the 'opital' for my testing.
she's learning how to swaddle.

post night shift.
these 3-in-a-rows are getting quite tiring.
thank heavens for great coworkers who baby me and give me the 'princess' assignments.
[one night my job was to answer the ambulance phone. it was reeeeeaaaallly difficult]

ps. my favorite thing ever is listening to kate talk about this baby...
'come out baby!'
'mommie go to opital and push, push, push- grrrrrrrr'
'dockers [doctors] help mommie and baby'
'i go to sea world when baby comes and see dolphins'
and the best is when she hugs my belly and gives the baby a kiss.
she really couldn't be any sweeter.


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