Friday, May 25, 2012

My thoughts at one am.

Blogging from my iphone- not my favorite but it'll have to do for tonight. I have no desire to get out of this warm bed.

Jank lays next to me, intermittently sighing and shifting in his sleep.
I hope he dreams of me.

I love my quiet house.
Little girls tucked in, bellies full and spirits sweet.

Kate chose ariel and snow white to snuggle with in her bed tonight.
But of course she did- It's who she always chooses.

Evelyn sleeps wrapped up in her swaddle sack.
She sleeps best when her arms are secured to her sides.
She giggled for the first time on Sunday and that small noise made my heart soar.
That baby is good for my soul.

Life has been so full of happiness lately [minus a tantrum or two- one that involved an attempted biting. Ugh]
I have felt balanced and content.
It's good to be me again.

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