Monday, May 14, 2012

adventures in parenting

evie rue:

you might look just like your big sister,
but your baby personalities are polar opposites.
i couldn't get kate to smile to save my life,
you hand out gummy grins like they're nothing.
which is good considering how much you spit up on me.
i'll consider your smiles payment for all the extra laundry.

sweet baby girl, i love you.


when i hear you crying in your bed during the night i assume you've had a bad dream.
so i hurry to your room to chase your troubles away.

last night i couldn't get you to calm down so i scooped you up and held you tight. 
i whispered soothing words into your ear and rocked you back and forth.
and then you peed on me.

next time how about you just say 'mommie i have to pee'.
i think that'll work a little better for the both of us.



The Leeflangs said...

That made me laugh! Even still to this day if either of my girls wake up in the night ( usually from bad dreams) I take them potty and they fall right back to sleep. I figure it's the only way their body can wake them up.... Cause they go every time .


Oh man. Can't help but smile. I want you to make a blog book and sell it. You are an amazing writer, that says things about being a mom that some of us don't dare share. I always enjoy reading what you have to say.