Thursday, July 5, 2012

from may 31st. when it was only 100 degrees.

remember this day eons ago?
we went to one of yuma's splash pad's
[according to my coworkers we went to the wrong one. there's two splash 
pads in town and somehow we chose the old, decrepit one] 
 and we tried to have a great outing with our friends.

remember how you whined almost the entire time?
and refused to eat your lunch?
and sucked on someone's discarded batman pez dispenser?
and got hepatitis C from said dispenser?
[ok, so maybe that last one was an exaggeration but seriously kid, 
don't pick up discarded toys and put them in your mouth!!!]

soooo much fun.
at least life isn't dull.

love you despite your hep C.

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