Tuesday, July 31, 2012

back to real life

late sunday night we returned from our week-long trip to utah.
we were able to see both jank's and my family and some good friends.
it was wonderful.

thank heavens for time away.
it gave jank and i time to reconnect,
something we both desperately needed.
we were able to take a step back from everyday life and reprioritize 
[spell check says reprioritize is not a word. it's a word isn't it???]

my goal this week is to get all the vacation pictures uploaded and edited
because try as i might, i'm still not a very good photog so editing is a must.
we shall see how productive i can be.

productivity. what an elusive beast.

::thought tangent::
i'm sure i'm not the only one who feels like i can never get anything done.
it's sad how quickly i disregard playing with my kids as 'productive time'.
i have to remind myself when i'm squished into a kid-size chair, coloring and cutting with my katers, that those moments are my most productive and they need to be cherished.
i need to remember these wise words:



Diane said...

You are a wonderful mom. Don't try to be superwoman. I loved spending time with all of you this week. Thank you for coming to visit. We love you all so much! Diane

Sarah Jane said...

I totally agree! I always have to remind myself its ok to play with the girls, the laundry, dishes, and housework can wait, but they grow up way too fast and won't always want to play!