Friday, August 10, 2012

back to school.

dear God,

just a quick note to say thanks for making 3 year olds so easily excitable.
sure, it makes for some long days when i hear myself say fifty times-
'kate! please quit squealing and jumping on the couch'
but on days like today [when a certain mama forgot it was show-and-tell at school]
i'm so glad 3 year olds are easily impressed-
'look kate! two quarters i found under my seat! want to take them to show-and-tell?!'
'oh wow. money! YEAAAAAAA!'

mom's a hero.
end scene.

thanks God.
you make me look good.

ps. if it's not asking too much, do you think you could put a stop to evelyn's diarrhea? we're going on 9 days of blowouts and i'm just a wee bit tired of it. if not, that fine. i'm sure you've got plenty else to worry about.

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