Saturday, September 1, 2012

another photo overload.


this is the last round of 'beach pics'.
it's a little bit of an overload, but i figured the grandmas certainly won't mind :)
so if you're not our grandma [and therefore not obligated to think my kids are the cutest/most awesomest/most kissable] please feel free to scroll on through and think to yourself:
'geez, kayla. put down that camera already!'

but for grandma and nana:
these are for you.
love and miss you both.


Kerrianne said...

Auntie Kiki and uncle Brandon LOVE your pictures. Even when you post 50 it's not enough. Wish we were closer! Miss you guys

Nana said...

Thank you from Nana. I love all the pictures. I have gone back to them several times and just stare at those cute little girls. Love you and miss you tons!!!!!

Diane said...

Thank you from Grandma too. I LOVE the pictures and can't ever have too many. Wish we could be there. We love you all so much. I love your blog and pictures. Give the kids hugs and kisses from us. Much love, Diane