Monday, January 9, 2012

36 weeks. NOT 34.5 weeks. because i said so.

baby girl-

36 weeks tomorrow!
[and yes, i am stubbornly ignoring my 'due date range' and sticking with my original due date of feb 8th]

we're all getting pretty excited to meet you.
[especially kate- but that's probably because we told her she gets to go to sea world when you come. i am so not above bribery. 'i get to see dolphins when baby comes' is heard at least 3 times a day. even her teachers at school know all about it]

but give me at least 2 more weeks to fully get ready.
your nursery is a disaster right now and i haven't washed any of your clothes yet.
i worked all weekend and you really didn't let me sleep much-
thanks for the frequent trips to the bathroom, the swollen ankles and the contractions- so thoughtful of you.
the goal is to get your room whipped into shape by this weekend...
so hang in there little one and lay off the kicks to my right hip- it's getting a little tender!

love you more than seems possible,

ps. this was my work outfit for all of 15 minutes... then one of my coworkers made fun of my belly button poking out and i wore my zippie the rest of the shift. [i'm a little sensitive right now. yeah for pregnancy hormones]



Kerrianne said...

Hang in there! You look great! :) We can't wait to hear when our niece decides to arrive!


You are just so blasted cute! Can't believe you're getting so close!

Sarah Jane said...

You are the tiniest pregnant woman ever! I wish I looked that good when I was that far along. Good luck with everything! Can't wait to see pics!