Tuesday, January 24, 2012

no baby yet.

thanks for the minnie mouse dress [and the cinderella dress].
it makes kate's day when she wears them.

thanks for our friday lunch dates [even if it is just BK while we sit in my car].
it's so nice to have these moments with you...
before our world gets rocked with a newborn.
love you more than ever.

you've definitely been testing your boundaries as of late.
but at least you always return to being my sweet kate.
i pray you never lose your sweetness...
or your beautifully semi-chunky cheeks that we all love to smooch.

yuma library-
thanks for having a tank full of fish that look like all the characters in the movie nemo-
it sure keeps my daughter entertained.
sorry kate likes to [repeatedly] yell out all of their names.
we're still working on what a 'library voice' is.

our beautiful white crib-
why did we think painting you white would be a quick project??
so glad the effort was worth it and that you turned out awesome.
now how should we go about teaching kate not to climb into you?
maybe laughing and taking pictures of such behaviors sends the wrong message...
duly noted.

baby E- [38 weeks according to me. 36.4 weeks according to the OB]
so excited to see you [via ultrasound] on thursday.
we need to have some testing done to make sure you're doing ok since you didn't appear to grow these last 2 weeks.
hopefully i'm to blame and not you.
hopefully it's just genetics and i'm simply incapable of growing chunky babies.
hopefully you're healthy and perfect and all's well.
we're all growing very impatient to meet you.

and hopefully you come out soon because i'm getting quite sick of the constant heartburn.
[i know that's selfish of me, but it's the truth]

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