Wednesday, October 24, 2012

easily amused

evie rue:

the other day i didn't budget my time very well.
[well, duh. i never budget my time well]
i was attempting to get ready for work at the same time that you girls was begging to be fed. 
[jank typically gets home about 10 minutes before i have to leave so he wasn't there to help]

let me tell you what i am not good at;
being patient with a whiny 3 year old and fussy baby.
nothing makes my blood pressure rise faster than a crying baby.
thankfully you don't cry often and on those occasions that you do,
you're easily distracted as long as i have a new item for you to discover.

the other day it was my camera lens cap.
bada bing.
occupied for a good 15 minutes.
which allowed me to get some makeup on, get dressed and i still had a spare moment to snap these pics.
goodness you're cute.

ps. ignore the weird picture in the background. i bought that gigantic frame at a garage sale for $7 [!!!] i am currently waiting for a new mat and art to be completed. unless i decide to keep the victorian little girl and the pink fabric mat..... sooooo tempting. decisions, decisions.

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Kerrianne said...

I'm so jealous of those chunky legs! It's so cool to see her growing up. Have I told you how much she looks like Brandon?! Too cute :)