Wednesday, October 3, 2012

our morning routine



someday you'll ask me,
'what was life like when we were younger?'
and i'll respond,
'i don't remember. i had alzheimers when i was 27. who are you people? and why are you calling me mom??'  
so in answer to your future question, this is what the first 2 hours of our day looks like.

october 2012
sometime between 0600 and 0630:

kate, you wake up and come walking into our bedroom [with all three blankies in tow] and promptly state,
'i want to watch doctor'.
well, good morning sweetie. nice to see you too.
and since your dad is at the gym getting all lean and sexy for me;
i roll out of bed, stumble to the fridge and retrieve a sippy cup of whole milk for you.
meanwhile, you're on the couch fluffing pillows and blankies and making everything just so.
you thank me for the milk and ask for your favorite doc mcstuffins episode [which changes daily].
then i kiss your head and stumble back to bed [because this mama is far from a morning person].

i try to go back to sleep but it's usually not possible so i spend the next 20-30 minutes instagramming [so addicted it's not funny] and pinteresting [again, addicted. it's becoming a problem].
lately i've been reading the ensign or the scriptures on my phone which really helps set a calm tone for the day.
i love being inspired to be a better person.

evelyn, at some point you wake up and kick, coo and babble for awhile.
i lay in my bed, all snuggled in, listening to your baby noises and think,
'that kid is rad'
you eventually start to fuss and i go get you, change your bum, tickle you until you giggle and then make you a bottle which you won't drink [your anti-bottle right now. you're only interested in solid food]

next comes breakfast for all.
typically cold cereal or eggos [because i believe in only all natural, organic, healthy food]
evelyn you get oatmeal with some prune juice mixed in [see? it's always about the poops around here]
and then dad comes home for the gym and kate says,
'ewwww, you're all sweaty. gross. go shower.'
dad showers and we keep playing.

if it's a school day we get ready for school.
sometimes we make the beds, sometimes we don't.
kate, you almost always let me dress you. 
you haven't developed a desire to be picky about your clothes yet.
as long as it's a dress or a skirt, you're happy.

then there's your hair to be wrangled into some sort of crazy ponytail,
teeth to be brushed and shoes to be put on.
next thing i know, i'm kissing you goodbye and telling you to listen to your teachers.
out the door you go in a whirlwind [because dad takes you to school before work and he's always late]

evie, at that point you and i look at each other and think 'what now? it's soooo quiet!'
and then we play, clean, read and generally lounge about for an hour before it's nap time for you.

and that's what we do almost every day.
unless it's monday or thursday [our non-school days]
those days we stay in our jammies for a ridiculous amount of time or spend the morning running errands about town before it reaches 105 degrees [no joke. october 3rd, one hundred and five degrees. no thanks]

it's a simple life right now.
it's a good life right now.
you girlies are gems.

[of course this routine goes out the window when i've worked a night shift. at that point i walk around like a zombie while brandon is super dad. and then my blessed friend shows up to pick up evie and i get to sleep.
 ah, night shift. how i love and loathe thee.]

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Sarah Jane said...

What a cute way to remember those simple times in your kids lives! They are so adorable!