Wednesday, November 7, 2012

the color run san diego. [the happiest 5k on the planet]


you were missed last weekend.
wish you had been there to see me stumble through my first 5k.
it was epic.
colored powder, tutus, and neon knee socks were everywhere.
my kind of party.
totally sucks that you had to move back to freeeeezing cache valley before we could all run this race together.
next year i say you fly out for it and then we can all go shopping afterwards.
because going out in public looking like the hulk is so super fun.
[you should've seen the looks we got. people didn't even pretend not to stare]

this is us pre-race,
all clean and white and lungs not full of powder.

and post-race,
covered in powder but feeling oh so good.
i still can't believe i ran the entire way.
i'm sure it wasn't pretty to watch but i did it.
[this is the pic where i'm thinking, now where's a donut?? so hungry!]

dance party which katers rocked:

i tried a little experiment the night before the race.
i made my own colored powder because i knew kate would want to enjoy the festivities too.
i poured a ton of cornstarch into my food processor, added food coloring and mixed until combined.
worked like a charm and katers had a blast.
[thanks tyrel for allowing my kid to blast you in the face with powder. you rock]

and we couldn't resist,
we just had to rub it in a little bit more.

and some more pics because i like to think i'm all sorts of awesome with the camera.
and because it really was just such a fantastically fun day.

ps. tyrel, thanks for sticking with me and my slow butt :)

pps. evie- you're a trooper. sorry about all the blue dust in your nose. at least your boogies are a cool color.


Kate said...

55* thats quite warm for us! ha ha! jerk you got me all 'homesick' for yum and palm trees and playdates with you guys! Im so glad you guys had a blast and katers looks like she loved it! [i bet ty would have two] way to go on running the whole thing. count me in for next year ha ha...and next up on the running list is the 1/2 huh huh?? love ya, miss ya! ps...great great GREAT pictures!

Tyrel said...

Fun Fun times! I will let Kate throw chalk on my anytime. She was so fun. I already want to do it again. Or maybe I just want to go back to San Diego. ehh probably both. Thanks for running with me!