Wednesday, December 19, 2012

all's well.

life has been crazy [but good!] the last few weeks.
i am soooo very far behind on my blogging, it's now to the point of ridiculousness and i have to ask myself, is it even worth trying to catch up??
of course the answer is yes. otherwise i won't have the memories, but it will take me a bit. i think that'll be my new year's goal- get caught up on the bloggity-blog. so forgive me if things are a bit out of order and chaotic.

here's a rapid-fire recap while i sit here at work enjoying the wee hours of the morning when our ER actually slows down a bit:

-christmas is coming and we are almost ready.... just a dollhouse to build and paint [jank thinks it'll only take one night- silly, silly man]. our elfie, simon, visits us everyday and he is the highlight of kate's life right now.

-we went to utah last week for ashley's wedding [jank's sister], kate was a flower girl and enjoyed every second of dressing up like a princess.

-while in utah we got to spend time with good friends and family and play in the snow. snow! how i've missed your beauty. the freeeeezing weather, i can do without. but beautiful, flakey snow-- yes please!

-we got to meet bb and tyler's new baby boy, camden. still can't believe my sister has 3 kids. THREE. oh how i miss living close to those kiddos.

-evie still isn't crawling. she sits and reaches but doesn't even attempt to get up on her knees. fat, lazy, adorable baby. she was sick for a while. stupid cold/flu season. but is all better now and she's back to being fantastic in every way.

-kate is getting ready for her christmas program this thursday night. she's been singing jingle bells and frosty the snowman NONSTOP. it's terribly cute and terribly annoying.

that's all i have for now. more to come later.

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