Wednesday, December 26, 2012

holiday goodies

i have an unhealthy obsession with treats, snacks and goodies.
i love to eat them but love to make them even more.
it's probably my second favorite thing to do.
[my numero uno fav thing is to take care of smelly, rude, intoxicated patients. obviously]

so when jank asked me what i wanted to do on christmas eve i quickly replied,
'work in the kitchen with christmas music playing'
and that's what i did christmas eve day.
jank entertained evelyn, kate helped me and it was a darn-near perfect.

here's the pics and recipes for what i made.
[just in case you're interested. if not, this post is now over for you.]

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the jancers

these were soooo easy and sooo good. link to recipe here

super easy. you microwave these bad boys. link to recipe here
a tip for easy cutting- use a well-buttered pizza cutter. 
works like a charm.

bread is my nemesis.
i can never get it to turn out right.
so i went for store-bought this time around.
plus, kate inhales these rolls [she'll eat a package in two days]

all growing up my grannie and grandpa haskins had a container of shelled nuts 
sitting out just waiting for the grandkids.
 i don't have many memories of my childhood, but i remember clearly sitting on the floor of 
their little house cracking nuts. 
those were good times.

we celebrated christmas with our friends who have a family tradition of singing happy birthday to jesus.
they make a cake, light candles, sing happy-birthday... the whole she-bang.

at first i thought it was silly, but the kids absolutely loved it.
lighting the candles, turning down the lights, and seeing the kids faces full of wonder and happiness was such a wonderful moment for me this christmas.
it's a great way to remind us what christmas is all about.

these truffles are rich, so i made them itty-bitty because i know not 
everyone likes chocolate as much as i do [such a shame]
i halved the recipe [still made 4 dozen!] and made the truffle diameter about 3/4 inch. 
link to recipe here

a crowd pleaser for sure.
and kate loves to put sprinkles on things.

i found these candy cane sticks at wal-mart.
a box for 98 cents. can't beat that.
wrapped up and placed on each plate....
easy, peasy and cute. 

ps. thanks to my parents [especially my dad], 
who taught me that presentation matters.

you guys are just so smart.

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