Friday, December 28, 2012

baby in a basket


almost 11 months old.
still not crawling.

you think about it.
you even get as far as rocking forward but at the last second you chicken out and plop yourself right back down on you well-cushioned tush.
your dad tends to worry just a tad about his kids hitting the proper milestones at the proper time-
so for his sake, give mobility a try.
[for the record, i am not concerned at all. a baby who doesn't crawl is a baby who doesn't make huge messes:) ]

can't believe in one month i'll be planning your first birthday.
how is that possible??
what will i do when i don't have your squishy baby body to love on all day?
[and don't anyone dare say 'have another baby!'   not yet people. not yet.]

love you ever-rue.

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