Monday, March 25, 2013

nothing as beautiful as a peacefully sleeping baby


it's been a rough go lately.
there are stubborn teeth that won't break through your gums and
there's almost daily constipation since switching to whole milk
[suppositories and prune juice are our best friends].

you've been a trooper through it all.
somedays are harder than others,
[those days you get put in the ergo carrier and strapped to my back]
but most days are good.

i've always freely admitted that babies aren't my favorite.
it's frustrating for us both that you can't effectively communicate your hurts and wants.
but give me 3 more babies like you and i would be content.
[and yes, i do realize that my next kiddo is probably going to be a terror]

love you and your endlessly chubby cheeks.

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