Friday, March 29, 2013

instagram time!

[march insta's]

 busted miss kate singing to herself in the mirror. and headed to church.
 the things that entertain kids are never convenient for moms. and happy st patty's day.
 evie loves to hide under the table. and look who's standing without crying- progress!
 random naps- someone must be growing. and this is jank's idea of 'putting the laundry away'.
 the big 3-0. and jank gave me a coupon book that i adore. 
 afternoon walks. and the start of pool season. 
 finally printed out some of my favorite IG's and hung them in our bedroom. 
 enjoying the gorgeous weather. swimming and bike rides- life perfected.
 worst morning ever - evie dumped garlic powder all over a rug, i knocked over our scooter and cracked the muffler casing and then i left the key in the ignition and drained the car battery- which meant we had to walk to church in the heat. and we finally finished the doll house santa brought the girls.  
a few happy moments shine through the teething drama. and we had a legit date night including dinner, shopping and a movie. booya!

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