Monday, March 11, 2013

instagram time!

[february and march insta's]

gorgeous yuma springtime. picnics and walks everyday
 taking two 3 yr olds on a walk is always interesting.
 krew is channeling a little michael jackson.
 evie is obsessed with the tv and kate is obsessed with princesses [neither is a new obsession]
 open windows! and the start of 3 months of teething. [bleh. bleh. bleh. no thank you]
 evie got a little excited for her cocoa puffs. kate and i love taking the little scoot-scoot out. 
 kate is an amazing hair stylist. evie at her one year check up- 22 pounds of teething madness.
 i decided to do some yard work- those are dandelions [no joke]. and then i laid down and enjoyed the rare sound of the rain falling. 
krew is the designated driver due to the fact that kate is a disaster behind the wheel. and the ergo is my life-saver [teething continues]

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