Tuesday, July 30, 2013

my ballerina


this summer we enrolled you in ballet and gymnastics classes.
you have loved both but you've declared that you prefer tumbling to dancing.
i think this has nothing to do the actual activity and everything to do with your teachers.
you dance teacher is a little, how does one put it lightly?...... grumpy.
she was most definitely not made for children's classes.

your tumbling teachers were a group of high-school gymnasts and their summer job was to teach classes at the rec center.
they had pandora set to the disney station, were energetic and full of smiles and compliments.
an easy win as far as like-ability.

regardless, you've had fun in both classes and i think we'll sign you up for dance/acrobatic class this fall.
as long as there is minimal/no make-up required and absolutely no booty-shaking involved.
"let them be little" as pinterest says.

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The Leeflangs said...

She is so stinkin' cute! My girls have LOVED their dance classes and Cloe has been begging for gymnastics...is it costly down there? Once everything is doubled having 2 girls with double schedules I feel like its so easy to say no and just have them choose one or the other...