Monday, July 29, 2013

scenes from around the house

dear girls:

life seems to be crashing by at a ridiculous pace.
evie, you're walking! kate, you're taking dance and gymnastic classes! good heavens, what's next? driver's ed and teenage pregnancies?? [please no. not ever. please]

i feel as if i'll never capture your childhoods successfully.
i'll never be able to document all the great things you say or the funny things you do.
days/weeks will pass and we'll forget they even happened.
and doesn't that seem tragic?
to let our life pass without pausing to appreciate what a glorious thing we have going for us?

so here we are,
another blog post that on the surface is about nothing.
but really it's about everything.

two healthy daughters who are happy and well-adjusted [a mother's dream come true].
a safe home to live in with a pool to boot.
enough money to afford us a comfortable lifestyle.
love. and really there isn't much more we need.

still love this quote that sums it all up perfectly:

"the days are long but the years are short"

can i get an AMEN?!

this made me pause and think: especially number 4 and 5

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The Leeflangs said...

Enjoying every moment is easier now than it used to be for me. So hats off to you for having such easy going kids while they're still young! I'm pretty obsessed with both your house and personal style. I need to hire you as a consultant! Love stocking your blog and Instagram. Your girls are darling! You are such a great mom!