Friday, November 4, 2011

another awkward pregnancy post.

26 weeks and posting these pictures is embarrassing.

baby girl-

you're quite the mover and shaker lately.
especially in the evenings- 
it's quite entertaining to sit and watch my abdomen change shapes.
[and only a little weird. cuz let's be honest, pregnancy is a little weird isn't it?]

on monday you got me in trouble with the OB-
the last 5 weeks i didn't gain any weight despite eating like a teenager.
we have strict orders to pork up.
[should be easy with all the halloween candy and birthday cake in the kitchen]

at least you're growing even if i'm not- at least i think you are.
my scrubs are constantly falling down at work so i know my belly is getting bigger.
[drawstring pants+pregnancy= no bueno]
the OB wants to do another ultrasound in a few weeks to check on you.
i'm game with that plan- i love seeing you.

we're still struggling with the name issue.
the other day i asked kate what your name should be.
she paused for a moment and then said with conviction-
'Jesus Christ!'
ummmmm, i think not. but it was a good suggestion wasn't it?

oh man little one, i cannot wait to have you in my arms.
i want to smush my face into yours and breathe in your baby smell.
i just want to watch your daddy rock you and whisper words of love to you.
and i can't wait to see how kate responds to your presence.

your tired but happy mama.



Sarah said...

Ahh I liked this post Kayla! How exciting!

tiff snedaker said...

Awkward, I think not. You look adorable. Now if you were 600 lbs and couldn't tell that you were pregnant at all, that might be awkward. ;) I can't see why Kate's name suggestion probably wouldn't fly.

Anonymous said...

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