Wednesday, November 9, 2011

another sick day. doesn't it seem like i'm always getting sick??

it sure seems that way to me.
i spent the better part of yesterday with my head in the toilet thanks to a nasty 24 hr flu virus.
it sucked.

thanks to katie for watching kate so i could sleep [sorry your kid had to see me puke]
and a huge thank you to jank who always steps up when i'm sick and who makes a great mommie.
and finally, a note to kate:


thanks for being so dang sweet yesterday.
thanks for wanting to be near me as i puked [despite my efforts otherwise] and for wanting to comfort me-
'mama hold you' may be the sweetest thing i've ever heard.
thanks for coloring for hours on end and for not jumping on me.
i love you endlessly.

i'm truly blessed to have such great family and friends who take care of me.
thanks to everyone who checked in.
today i'm doing much better- i was even able to eat.
i'm still weak and dizzy, but that'll go away as i replenish my fluids.
[let's hope i have an easy assignment at work tonite. ugh, the joys of working full-time.]


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I'm so sorry! Mama hold you, is probably the cutest thing I've ever heard. Hope you get feeling great soon.