Thursday, November 3, 2011

today it's 77 degrees- that means it's cardigan weather!


thanks for introducing us to the popcorn and drink special at good ole target.
pretty sure we get it every time we go shopping.
it's a win-win for us,
it keeps kate quiet and i'm able to follow my new instructions from the OB which are to 'never stop eating'.

i don't know if it's possible to tempt you away from your coca-cola, but you should try mixing the lemonade and the fruit punch.
it's tasty.

missing you every day.
send halloween pics of harry and liz ASAP.
and pics of the snow.



tiff snedaker said...

Definitely a steal. We get popcorn and drink when we go to Target and my boys are quiet for like 15 minutes. It's heaven. Belly pictures soon?

Diane Hansen said...

Thank you for doing your blog so we can stay up with what's happening in your life. You do such a good job. I wish Kate could come stay the weekend. I sure miss all of you.