Monday, November 21, 2011

monday update

pictorial proof that my life is good:
[and some ramblings because it's monday and i only slept 4 hours- but a great 4 hours!]

i started my set schedule this past weekend- [friday, saturday and sunday nights].
what a difference it makes to finally have a schedule. 
i can already feel the sense of normalcy setting in.

monday's are going to be a little rough for me;
the turn-around from working nights is always that way.
especially now the calf cramps are becoming the norm and waking me from my blissful sleep.
hate when i wake by myself and jank isn't there to stretch my calf for me.
i'm helpless without him. ridiculous but true.

of other important, ground-breaking news:
i was able to turn on christmas music today and not cringe.
i'm finally adjusting to the idea of the holidays without snow.
it definitely took awhile.
guess i'm an arizonian now.

i finally feel settled into the ER here.
my night shift crew is pretty great [although i still desperately miss my SLC crew].
we had a STEMI [heart attack for you laymen] walk in last night and we had him ready for the cath lab [where they open the blocked arteries in the heart] in 6 minutes.
that kind of speedy teamwork led to his life being saved and it's soul-stirring to think i'm a part of it.
i really do love what i do.

and finally, a short story to conclude these monday ramblings:
i mouthed off to a patient last week telling her:
"this isn't mcdonalds. you don't get to come in, place your order and be done in 5 minutes"
[in my defense, she was being particularly demanding for how busy we were]
yep, i definitely got reported to my charge nurse for that one!
my charge nurse's response? 
"kayla, when's the last time you ate? i think you need food."
this yuma crew knows me already. kayla+hunger=CRANKY.
at least i didn't get written up, although my nickname is now 'happy meal'.


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Jamie Page said...

when ever i would get calf cramps i would up my calcium dosage and take it before i would go to bed. worked wonders!