Saturday, January 5, 2013

wedding number one

in december we flew back to utah for the wedding of ashley [jank's sister].
it was wonderful to be back with family for a few days.
we got to show off evie's expressionless stare to everyone.
it was awesome. 
and we got to freeze our butts off and officially declare 'yuma weather is really not that bad!'
although utah did deliver one beautiful, wonderful snowy day which we enjoyed immensely.

in february we get to do it all again when we travel back for brock [brandon's brother] wedding. 

enjoy a ridiculous amount of pictures. 
because kate was a flower girl and what type of mother would i be if i didn't take tons of pictures??

 and this is when you know you've taken too many pictures and your child is sick of smiling.
am i awful that i want to frame this last picture?

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