Wednesday, June 5, 2013

mark that one off the bucket list.

to our anonymous friends who own lots of guns:

thanks for taking jank and i shooting.
i know a lot of laughs were had at my expense-
it couldn't be helped.
guns have so much more kick than i expected!
hollywood makes shooting a gun [and hitting the desired target] look sooo easy.
i could barely hit a big dirt hill.
i know i looked a fool, but i had fun.
thank you!

things i learned:
i am still terrified of firearms and the power they hold [mostly due to the fact that i'm the one on the other side of things, trying to fix what a bullet did to someone. i have a deep reverence for how fragile the human body is and how easily our mortality can end]
i like the 9 mm the best.
the 22 was my second favorite.
i did NOT enjoy the semi-automatic rifles- too much power/potential for harm.

i believe guns are a necessary evil in our current world-
i do not believe everyone needs to own one but i think that a basic knowledge of guns, gun safety and the ability to safely fire one if the need arises is important.

and for those of you worried about us taking evie to a firing range,
rest assured she was being held or i was sitting with her on the ground the entire time.
she wore her ear protection almost constantly
[i was surprised she didn't try to remove it more than a few times]

kate was left safely at a friends house.
i wasn't ready for her to see us with firearms just yet.

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Johnny said...

As your Audiologist friend, I can't help but love these pictures of evie and her hearing protection!