Friday, June 21, 2013

two of my favorite things: evie and ikea

evie rue-

a little update on what you've been up to.
your happiness persists. 
you are now content to crawl, explore, play, smile, giggle and [sometimes] eat.
such a nice change from the testy baby you used to be.
we haven't figured out what changed [maybe nothing?], but we're happy with evie version 2.0

you've taken a few stumbling steps and have even stood on your own for a second or two.
i keep wondering if something is affecting your balance [inner ear problems??] and making it hard for you to stand by yourself or if you're just the laziest baby ever.
probably the later. 

kate insists on helping you walk around the house which has lead to many falls and bonked heads.
but she's finally taken an real interest in you so we will just go with it. 
good thing a snuggle with mom or dad and your blankie make everything better.

you still love to suck on the corners of your blankies.
it's gross, but far better than sucking on a finger or a binki.

you're obsessed with the pom-poms and paper lanterns hanging above your crib. 
you love to reach for them and babble at them.
the first thing you do in the morning when we rescue you from your baby prison [aka crib] is point at the pom-poms with your tiny finger and say 'doo-doo'.

you say 'doo-doo' for just about everything. 
still not talking much yet, but that's to be expected from you. 
you have laziness down to an art. 

you love the pool and attempt to drown every chance you get.
i'm half amused/half terrified at your lack of fear.
i have to keep a firm grip on you when we're sitting on the pool steps watching kate do her 'mermaid tricks' because you think it's the funniest game to fall face first into the water.
i scoop you up and the grin on your face is epic.
i love seeing you that happy.

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