Monday, June 3, 2013

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 date night! oh man do i love date night. dinner and a movie- our favorite. [we looove the movies and get quite irritated if we miss the previews. just FYI] and one day i woke up to find a dozen gourmet cupcakes on my counter. that was a good day. 
 love that my kiddos can play outside but i hate how dusty yuma is- they get so dirty! and evie's favorite game to play is 'pull the blankies down'.
 beauty in the simple things. and eating outdoors- my absolute favorite way to dine [even if it's just a smoothie. there is something magical about fresh air and watching the world go by]
 post-night-shift days are clothing optional for the kids and pajamas for me. and kate has become obsessed with bodily functions- if you want her to laugh just say 'toot' and she'll giggle for a looong time.  
 kate and evie love to bounce around and play in evie's crib [and i love that they're contained to one spot]. and evie's new favorite thing is to cover her eyes with her little hands and fake cry when things don't go her way. it's quite effective [especially on her daddy who is a self-proclaimed pushover]. 
 nighttime walks are the best- light breeze, warm air, quiet neighborhood and some music playing from my phone. just wonderful. and our ward had a summer party, complete with delicious BBQ and bounce-houses for the kids. [kate was in heaven]
 we hung up our new flag just in the nick of time on memorial day- there's something powerful about seeing that american flag waving in the breeze. and evie decides to finally eat something other than yogurt- hurray!!
 evie is 16 months and still not walking [or standing on her own]. in an effort to get her moving we bought her this walker. hopefully it'll be the motivation she needs [lazy kid!] and kate has been full of interesting questions lately. one day she was asking about death and heaven and although it made me sad that she was worrying about such things, i was so grateful i had the answers for her. 
that angel face is my favorite. i cannot get enough of her and her squishy body... and some more fake crying :) despite how it looks, evie is actually doing much better. she was fussy for about 3 months while she was cutting teeth but lately she's been pretty great. [now i've jinxed us and she'll be teething again for the next 3 months]


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Sarah Jane said...

I love that you post these in your blog, may have to copy that idea! I have so MANY pics on my phone that never go anywhere but my computer desktop! ahhhh!