Saturday, April 17, 2010

dear tiff the amazing

so remember last night about 0300 when we made good use of our down time and you showed me how to create a collage??
Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-


see how productive we are at work!
we save some lives...
we solve problems....
we blogstalk and steal ideas....
all in a day's work.
(to be fair i earned my keep last night- i was sworn at by 3 different patients)
today brother brandon (that's how i differentiate between the hubs and my bro) came down from evanston where he is working and we took advantage of the beautiful spring day-70 and sunny! we took a drive to temple square where we had a tour of the conference center and wandered the grounds.
did you know that when it's full the floor moves about 1/4 inch due to the weight of the peeps. ummmm, please don't fall on me when i'm there. thanks.
best part of the tour was when brother brandon said "we want to see the tunnels and the roof" interpretation: we want to see the fun stuff and if you would throw in a sighting of one of the twelve that'd be great
no tunnels but plenty of garden loveliness to behold. love the trees on top of the building. how cool is that? the lilac trees in temple square are in full bloom and the scent filled the air. too bad jank has allergies.

the flowers were gorgeous as one expects from the temple grounds. whoever does the gardening- major props to you!

then we were off to b and ty's for spaghetti and a little skype-ing. hi nana and papa! pretty sure i didn't spell that right. is it poppa? it's def not poopa like i typed the first time. he he

all in all a wonderful day that was captured and turned into a collage (see above)
thanks tiff. you rock star you


Brittany said...

I still don't get it... I want to make a collage!
Love it! How do you have the energy to do so much after being up all night? What a beautiful day to be out there!

Kelli said...

Dear Kayla...

I have started to blog stalk you as well. Don't worry, I'm not showing your blog to my friend Kayla at work and making fun of crazy baby pictures... :) Kate is too cute to have weirdo pics.

However, I greatly appreciate the picture of half of your face. You'll have to teach me how to make a collage as well!

tiff snedaker said...

Yay Kayla!! It looks amazing and your temple trip looks fun. Lots of cute pictures. :) And for the record, YOU are a rockstar...because you can make a collage.