Friday, April 16, 2010

elizabeth claire

i wanted to write to you yesterday on your actual birthday but i couldn't. it was a crazy type of day, one where almost everything goes wrong and you feel defeated in a really horrible type of way. we were late to your party- you didn't notice because you were strapped in your highchair chowing down a cafe rio tortilla. your happiness was complete. you had 10 brilliant balloons to stare at and play with. you had grandma and grandpa allen to play with. and let's not forget you favorite couzie was there ready to party!

you turned my really horrible, terrible, no good day around
in point 3 seconds. one look at your smiley face and once kiss on those rosy cheeks and i was cured. you did that. and that's just one of the thousands of reasons i love you.

you have more energy than anyone i know (you even beat out nana and that's hard to do). your energy is infectious. you turn my usually lazy baby into a crawling, chasing, playing, happy child. oh how we all love watching you two play together. how long do you think you crawled in that tunnel?? don't worry we have hours of it logged on the camera.

everyone that knows you loves you. you smile at us. you reach for us (that's the best!) and you let us smother you with kisses. you giggle, clap and make the funniest facial expressions.

i am so lucky to be your aunt. i can't wait to watch you grow up and to love you everyday. you are truly a special one and i celebrate the day you were born.


now go ask mommie for a baby brother.........

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