Wednesday, April 14, 2010

to my love

oh how i love hearing "to my love" being called from the front room when i am in the office or bedroom. heaven forbid you get up and walk 5 steps and find me. rather you call out "to my love" and wait for me to come to you. lazy bones. sometimes i answer (because i love you). sometimes i pretend i don't hear so that i don't have to get up (now i'm lazy).
aren't we a match!

both a little messy until it drives us (mostly me) crazy and then we do a whirlwind clean.

both a little air-headed (we think we're hilarious).

both driven to succeed at work for ourselves, each other and our patients.

both wanting to be better at so many things (eat healt
hier, exercise more, be smarter, be more patient, be a better teacher on sundays) but not knowing how to become those superior people- although i'm figuring that one out..... it just one st
ep at a time

both trying to hang on to the right perspective while living this crazy life of ours

i love you

when you walked in the door tonight 45 min early my heart soared. i love that time of day. us all together again with the world locked out. that's
when it's all about us. i get to tell you about my adventures....

only one 15 min nap- oh brother!

window shopping at foothill village- gorgeous weather. love me some sunshine

my "book" i'm reading and the insights i've obtained from a much better mother/wife than i.

trying to teach kate how to sit down once she's pulled herself up to standing.

how kate cut the roof of her mouth b/c she was st
anding up while chewing on a N64 controller and lost her balance. somehow her mouth got cut in that fall...still trying to figure that out.

and you tell me about yours....

tony doing 3 backflips at lunch today. super important!!

how you men conversed about bullying and how it affected your lives and how you will handle it when your kids are bullys/bullied. i love h
earing how you will defend kate- you brave warrior

your psych test tomorrow that you claim to be worried about....but then 3 hours later haven't studied an ounce for. there is a jazz game on, duh.

we have our bad days. we have days when we push each others buttons. we're not perfect- not even remotely close! but we lay in bed at night with varying textbooks, electronics and novels and somehow we end up ignoring our projects and talking about life. (ok, it's mostly my fault- i'm a professional distractor) then "click", out goes your light and you say "janky tired" and i say "already?? but i'm not even tired!" and then "click" goes my light and i snuggle into my spot and am asleep within 10 min.

then you start twitching and punch me. like i said... not perfect. yet

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