Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a letter to absolutely no one in particular

somedays i'm just not creative enough to think of who to write to. but a letter must be written because my mood demands it.

these last few days have been slow ones. not a boring, dragging, can't believe it's only 11pm and i work until 7am slow. more like a delicious slow. pretty sure that zephyr (god of the west wind and my high school mascot) heard my prayers and sent good weather for my personal enjoyment. he must've sensed the funk i fall into when the weather sucks. jank suggests light therapy but seriously i'm not a freak. just super irritable when the sun doesn't shine. ok, maybe kind of a freak. and a rambler. anyone still reading??

back to the delicious days... sunshine. flowers blooming. windows open. kids playing. spring semester wrapping up. setabellos. kate crawling (army style but getting better at the hands and knees part). glee. good books. cyan impersonating britney spears.

it has pretty much been an episode of full house- where there's a problem but it's all magically better and everyone hugs at the end of the 30 min. or better yet, a musical. yes, that's exactly what these days have been. my very own musical.

la la la

wonder how the next week will go. marti skold, the over over over the top weather(wo)man, says that rain and clouds are coming. ok zephyr- only for 1 day. that's all you get.

then bring on the sun.

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