Sunday, April 25, 2010

a sunday drive

dear miss kate,

tonight we took a drive. it was sunny and you were in need
of a quick snooze so we loaded up the car and took off. everyone was well fed- a gourmet dinner of digiorno pizza and cheesey bread- and we decided to head over to see these people

and take them some of these

they were not home so we left the goodies in the kitchen and drove around daybreak. now that is one large neighborhood. after we had seen all the colorful homes our eyeballs could handle we commenced a searched for a pop machine. armed with three dollar bills we drove around the district shopping area for awhile before we spotted a pop machine at the harmon's gas station. bless their souls for having a outdoor pop machine! cherry pepsi for me and plain pepsi for your dad. yum yum. we couldn't handle much more excitement so we headed home where pepsi's were enjoyed by all

and then it was off to the tub for you (mrs. i pooped four times today). yikes.

then a bottle and the jazz game

and then bed. hope you sleep well. love your guts

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tiff snedaker said...

Blog looks good Kayla. Sounds like a fun Sunday drive. Daybreak is HUGE. I agree. Cherry Pepsi sounds good right about now.....