Wednesday, April 18, 2012

sick day continues....


i'm taking advantage of kate's unusually long nap [probably due to the fact that she barely slept last night] to do some 'housekeeping' aka cleaning out my email.
i love these pics you sent me from our weekender to san diego.
how awesome is kate's expression in the first photo?
it doesn't even look like her!

reason #35,854 why i love my phone-
the camera doubles as a mirror so i can show kate the dolphin on her face

thanks tyrel.
can't wait to not work weekends so we can do it all over again.
[only 4 months to go!]


dear jank,
thanks for staying home from work so i could attend my mandatory work meeting.
sorry kate puked on you this morning.
hopefully her fever breaks soon,
still can't believe what a furnace she is.

i love you.


1 comment:

Tyrel said...

ya would you just stop working weekends already? I am already craving another trip somewhere. Mexico, Lake Havasu, Vegas, St. George, Lake Powell, ummm hawaii?. Anywhere! Just stop this working nonsense.