Monday, April 2, 2012

the day after a vacation is such a let down isn't it?


you're still our favorite.
even when you're overcast and ever so slightly drizzley,
you're still great.
[although it was super weird not to have 100% sunshine all day, every day. yuma has greatly escalated my expectations for weather]
we love that you're only a 2.5 hour drive away.
it makes for a great weekend get-away with friends.

mission beach and belmont park were fantastic.
i rode the rickety old roller coaster twice and i haven't laughed that hard in a long time.
the kids loved the kiddie rides and playing in the sand.
what a great way to finish out my maternity leave.
thanks SoCal!

and behold!
the one picture i took at sea world--

turns out that wrangling 4 kiddos and managing a baby severely cut into picture-taking moments.
which is kind of sad since there was 4 adults and ev slept the entire time [the ENTIRE time. what a great kid].....
ok, fine. i'll admit it.
i'm still intimidated by that dang camera.
i just hate when my pictures don't turn out perfect.
first step is admitting it, right?

the best part of the whole trip happened while we were watching the dolphin show.
kate started throwing a fit and yelling 'i wanna go to sea world! i wanna go to SEA WORLD!'
and no amount of reasoning helped.
finally we just told her 'ok, ok! we'll go to sea world next. we promise'
and that was that.
turns out 'sea world' in her mind is the elmo ride.
glad we cleared that up.

second best part was recognizing that we have turned into 'those parents'.
the ones i swore i would never become.
the ones who spend $10 dollars playing a basketball game to win a child-size stuffed shamu and $12 to get their kids' face painted. 
yep, we are 'those parents' now.
and please forgive our over-indulged toddler as she runs all over the park with her shamu fake-biting random people.
and please forgive us as we laugh at her antics instead of telling her to behave.


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