Tuesday, April 10, 2012

teaching me to ride

bud the scooter-

it has been decided that because i am no longer packing heat [aka pregnant],
it's time we become well acquainted.

and so a few nights ago when jank came home from work at 530 pm instead of the usual 630/7ish
[ugh i hate his schedule]
we packed up the kiddos and headed to the nearest empty parking lot.

and there it was decreed that i love you.
you're quite fun to drive little bud.
although i still hesitate to go faster than 30 mph.
and i don't dare go more than 10 mph when kate is with me.
[and isn't kate's helmet the funniest?! we like to call her the bobble head]

and this is what happens when you have a kid who declares 'i have to poop!' and you are no where near a bathroom.
thank heavens for the toddler potty and the plastic sacks i keep stashed in my trunk for moments just like this.
pretty sure this picture will make me laugh for years to come.


1 comment:

Sarah Jane said...

Pretty sure that picture can be used as blackmail! ha ha that is hilarious!