Sunday, February 6, 2011

ditch day

mr jank,

i promise i was going to go to church today.
i know i always struggle to get there when you're working.
i hate going alone, it's lonely.
but seriously, i was going to go today.
cross my heart.

i was showered, had already put dinner in the crock pot [lime chicken!] and was doing my make-up when i heard it--
the sick cough from peanut.
not the dry fake cough she's famous for.
but a gross cough and then came the boogies.
i'll stop the description there because bb's very pregnant, reads this blog and has a sensitive gag reflex.
[sorry if you're gagging sis]

let's just say i thought it better to stay home.
i thought back to when we were in charge of the nursery and parents would bring their sick ones to us.
we always looked at each other dumbfounded.
'are people really that stupid?' we'd ask each other.
it turns out, yep, they are that dumb.
and now i'm one of them.
i really considered taking her despite the cough and boogies just because i wanted to go.
selfish much?

so now i'm skipping church, blogging and listening to peanut cough.
she's supposed to be sleeping but is struggling to fall asleep.
poor thing.

ok, well that's the update for today.
i hope you get a chance to check the blog while you work.
and don't forget to eat!

and i know you'd be very sad if i didn't give you a pic to look at.
[check out her sweeeet hair]

love those monkey slippers!

yours always,

ps. don't stay two hours past your scheduled time, ok? that's not cool.


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Kelli said...

The hair is sensational! PS...I totally agree with the stupid people. I took care of a lady that seemed normal, complained of a fever for 3 days. When I asked her when her last dose of tylenol or ibuprofen was, she looked at me like a deer in the headlights. Seriously. "Ummm...I haven't taken any."