Wednesday, February 2, 2011

girls night


a big thank you to you for being such a wonderful friend.

thanks for watching my little one last night so i could go out and celebrate a coworkers pregnancy.
i very much appreciated being able to eat dinner without having to entertain a toddler.
[although someone else's toddler did manage to get a raisin stuck up their nose- never a dull moment with kids!]

my dinner consisted of hot cocoa [it was 9 degrees today. yuck] and this 'desert sampler tray'-

chocolate cake, lemon cheesecake and creme brulee

it was a good as it looks.
and please someone take notice that i didn't finish the entire butter patty like i usual do.
see? i'm healthy.

thanks again mama terisha.
you're awesome.



Sarah Jane said...

Ok, that looks amazing! Where did you get it?? I want one!

Kayla said...

sj- oasis cafe in SLC. a place i would love to return to just to drink their hot cocoa again. amazing.

paula said...

girl nights are the best, especially when good food is involved.