Saturday, February 26, 2011

kate singing to no one

for mom, who is dealing with her aging mother.
for dad, because he needs to laugh.
for bb, who said she hasn't seen the real kate in awhile [and because she's enduring those last few looong weeks of pregnancy]

and for everyone else who wants to see kate stand on an egg carton [and see our messy front room]

why yes, that IS the same shirt she's had on for the last week or so- we kinda love it.
and yes, that IS a roll of toilet paper laying on the ground- i have a toddler. enough said.
hope she made you smile....

happy saturday.


Thistles Home & Gift said...

I love it! Love that you like the shirt, Liz lives in hers too. This is one of those videos that she will love to watch when she is older! So funny that she had to stand on the egg carton like it was her stage! Keep the videos coming:)

Becky Foster said...

Oh man she's cute!! I love this so much.

Kerrianne said...

Oh my! I am in love with this video!

Nanna said...

Sooooo funny! Thank you for posting. Kids are so intertaining. There is a video of a 3 year old conducting on youtube that this reminded me of. Go to 3 year old Jonathan conducting to the 4th movement of Beethoven's
5th Symphony at

Love ya,