Thursday, February 24, 2011

library voice... yeah right.


liz browsing for her favs- no idea why she has a bald spot...
must be the awesome fluorescent lighting

i think this is the only pic i have of you today in which you aren't a blur.
i thought taking you and katers to the library would be fun....
i obviously should have taken into consideration that you are my daughter's polar opposite.
while kate will sit and read books while i pick out new books for her,
you were investigating all the dvd's [pulling them off the shelf] and finding your favorites-
you found mulan and didn't put it down once without a fight.
you are such a curious child and full of energy and you're too smart for your own good.
i have no idea how your mommie keeps you entertained all day long!

you kept wandering off and i kept steering you back to the kiddie section.
at one point kate was standing on a chair, holding one finger up and counting 'one...ta...tree'
you didn't respond to her warnings and she looked at me with the most bewildered expression.
i was shaking with laughter at that point instead of parenting like i should of been.

oh, lizamagoos, how i love you and your non-stop action.
you make me laugh.
i can't wait to see how you react to your little brother-
only a few weeks to go!!

see you next week.


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