Thursday, February 3, 2011

warm sand, ocean waves, hot sun... yes please

Dear old man winter-

we just got back from the indoor pool.
we were [once again] pretending you didn't exist.
no offense mr winter,
we're just really sick of you.

today the sun was streaming in through the wall of windows.
i sat in the kiddie pool with my face turned towards the windows and soaked in those heavenly rays.
it cured my crankiness.
[i was cranky b/c i was stupid and didn't go to sleep until 2. i'm such an idiot sometimes]

even you, with all your freezing temps and snow, couldn't ruin that moment for me.
but it left me dreaming of a tropical vacation.
like this one:

ka'anapali beach, maui- 2008

give my love to your darling sister- miss spring.
she's welcome to visit us anytime she desires.
seriously, anytime.


[vitamin d deficient] mrs jank

ps. mom and dad- hope you enjoy every last minute of hawaii. fyi- current temp in st paul is 19 degrees. [that's going to sting a little]


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