Wednesday, February 23, 2011

just some pics of kate. nothing special.

nothing special--
except she's the most adorable child i've ever seen.
[that's the mommie goggles talking. they're kind of like beer goggles except no beer and no hangover.]

 kate ready to go on a diaper-run to target on a beautiful spring day.

$1 popcorn from tar-jay is quickly becoming our favorite lunch. 
jank has informed me numerous times that popcorn is not an acceptable lunch for our growing tot.
duh jancer, that's why we have some cheese samples and milk.

besides, it's a family tradition. 
who am i to break years of tradition?!
c'mon mom, bb, someone.... back me up here.



Nanna said...

I'VE GOT YOUR BACK....I had Target popcorn for lunch on Tuesday. Although the McDonalds $1 menu is a close second :0)

Becky Foster said...

Target is the best, and she is seriously a doll. Love her scarf!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you get to enjoy your mom.