Monday, March 19, 2012

as kate says 'my hair is crazy!'


today you're at school learning your colors [hopefully because it's kind of ridiculous that you know all the disney princess names but not the difference between red and yellow] and playing with your friends.
your teachers, miss melissa and miss jessica, take good care of you.
i'm so glad you love your school- i'm happiest when you're happy.

but i'm not going to lie, i enjoy my toddler-free days.
i get a lot done on mondays, wednesdays and fridays.
it's wonderful to run errands and work on projects without an almost-three year old underfoot.
[who constantly says 'watch mom! watch me mom! watch meeeeeeeee!]
but the house is a little too quiet today and i miss your craziness.

you've come out of your jealousy phase and have resumed being my little helper/buddy.
thank heavens!
i missed your sweetness and your giggles.
thanks for being so awesome.

the other day you helped me with some simple weeding.
you told me we were 'getting rid of the owie grass'.

and true to form, you were bored after 5 minutes [but really, really helpful for those 5 minutes].
so you wandered away and played with the rocks while i finished the weeding.
then you demanded i take a picture of your rock pile because it was just so dang amazing.

love how you get so excited over rocks.
seriously kid, they're just rocks.
what are you going to do when you see a boulder?
should i have a change of clothes ready because you'll pee your pants?

and in other news...
you like donuts.
not the ones with sprinkles or frosting.
just the plain ones.

you ate one and a half.
and because i'm an awesomely health-conscious mother...
i applauded you.


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Gosh she's cute! And I really want her donuts right now.