Tuesday, March 13, 2012

week 1: recap

2 days old.

miss ev-

i sit here holding you in my left arm and attempt to type this one-handed.
it's not so easy.
but this is the golden hour of my day- when kate naps and i get some quiet time to reflect.
that makes me sound like i'm a deep thinker- mostly 'reflect' means fall asleep while nursing you on the couch while i watch house hunters.
now you know the truth.

but no nap today.
today is a day to blog.
the windows have been thrown open and fresh air sweeps through the house while sunshine pours in.
a perfect setting for some serious blogging.

you'll be 5 weeks old tomorrow and i feel like you've been a part of our little family for a year.
can it really only be 5 weeks ago that i was suffering from horrific heartburn, couldn't keep my scrubs up at work due to my swollen abdomen and longed to rock you in my arms?
now incisional pain has replaced the heartburn, i swapped my scrubs for a constant stream of yoga and pajama pants and here i sit with an arm cramp from holding you.

time is passing too quickly.
i can't keep up.
i don't want to forget the little moments that made up your first month with us.
so without further ramblings from your unshowered and exhausted mama,
let's recap!

from the moment we arrived home from the hospital all i wanted was to snuggle you and sleep in my bed. so that's precisely what we did. oh memory foam, how i missed you!

 this afternoon was perfection- you and i snuggled and nursed while nana, jank and kate played by the pool in the sun. we could hear their happy voices and kate's shrieks of laughter through the open windows. i remember thinking 'this is the life'.

umbilical stump. and newborn swollen eyes.
[please note: diaper changes on the couch are NEVER a good idea]

your first doctor's visit-
weighing in at 6#0oz.
i was so proud of you!

oh how i love the way a newborn can sleep through anything-
even horribly uncomfortable-looking sleeping positions. 

your dad is obsessed with your little sausage toes.
he loves to sit and hold your feet in his hands.

your big sister likes reading our books to you.
'babywise' and 'hunger games' are her favorites.
her reading level is slightly advanced for her age.

love the expression on your face.
a milk-intoxication smile is what that is.

this was the start of the jealousy stage [thankfully after 4 weeks she's starting to come out of it].
kate has only picked you up and consequently dropped you once.
sorry about that little one.

kate loves talking to you and especially loves seeing you smile.
yesterday she thought you laughed at her and it made her day.

and that completes week 1. tune in shortly for weeks 2-5.


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Thistles Home & Gift said...

Aaa! So many fun moments captured! Both of them are just precious! Miss you...you look gorgeous!