Sunday, March 25, 2012

week 4: recap


 you stole the show during week 4.
while clicking through pics i noticed that majority of my pics were of you.
it took me a minute to figure out why i didn't have photographic evidence that you even have a baby sister....
then i remembered that was the week evelyn lost her hair and had really bad baby acne.
not her best look. 
hence the lack of photos.
does that make me a bad mom?
but then again i've given up dr pepper for evelyn's sake so maybe that makes up for it??
[thank heavens for caffeine-free pepsi since that's become my fall-back while nursing]

so back to you, my first-born.
you know what i love about you?
your sensitivity.
you want everyone to be happy and when you notice someone who's upset you try to fix it.
this is most evident with myself or evelyn-
when i cry [which i often do. dang roller-coaster post-partum hormones] you're always right there asking,
'what's wrong mommie? your tears are falling?'
and then you hug me and say,
'be happy. i wuv you'
and then i cry harder.
because i'm a sappy mother who's so incredibly blessed to have you as a daughter.
hot dang, i love your guts.

it should also be brought to attention you're increasing independence.
i'm constantly torn between frustration and pride with this new phase.
i love watching you dress yourself and put your shoes on.
but it drives me batty that your shirts are inside out and your shoes are on the wrong feet.
i'm working on this.
i even let you wear an self-picked atrocious looking outfit to school the other day.
yeah for baby steps!

oh hey look.
a rare picture of baby E.
glad i took the time to document this exocist-ish moment.

this probably should've been a recipe for disaster-
paintbrush+dark paint+toddler.
but oddly it wasn't.
you stayed right by my side and only painted the area i said to.
you rock.

and then there's this.
your obsession with breast-feeding baby elmo.
i'm just going with it for now.

spring has arrived in yuma.
and by spring, i mean summer.
mid-eighties everyday means after church patio parties with friends.
you're too young to remember this party but let me assure you it was awesome.
except for the part where you cried the whole time because the other kids wouldn't do exactly what you told them to. ummm, that sucked.
bossy much?
thankfully krew and ty [your 3 yr old partners in crime] forgive and forget easily.

not only is evelyn your spitting image [she gets called 'kate' about 50 times a day],
she also has your sausage toes.

before ev was born, we promised you a trip to sea world.
it's all you've talked about for nearly 2 months.
well, next weekend all your hopes and dreams will come true.
we will spend the weekend ensuring that you have the best time ever.
thanks for being such a peach.




Kate's swimming suit is the cutest! And her breast feeding Elmo is about the funniest thing.

Rebecca said...

I just started following your blog! I love how honest you are, epically when you are talking about really how hard and amazing motherhood is!
I was wondering where you got your darling baby quilt that is shown in this post? (the one your little girl is sitting on nursing elmo LOL!)
I love that quilt so much!
Did you make it? If you did I was hoping you could direct me to the fabric choices?

Thank you so much!