Monday, March 26, 2012

week 5: recap

last recap! 
i now consider myself officially caught up.
[until i go back to work in april and neglect everything except my kids and my sleep]
i really shouldn't complain since my job provides our family with health insurance that has great maternity coverage.
a much appreciated fact considering my bill from the hospital [that didn't include the bill from the anesthesiologist or evelyn's care] was more than $13,000!! 
so working my full 1 year contract is totally worth it.

week 5:

and that was week 5.
the zoo and that gummy smile were the highlights of our week.

in current news:
evelyn has had reflux ever since she was born.
it seems to be a horrific genetic curse since i had it as a baby, kate had it and both my sister's kids as well.
but evelyn's is much worse than kate's ever was and it had me concerned.
i talked with our pediatrician today about possible causes and solutions.
we think it's just reflux and nothing worse but he wanted to be sure.
so we took ev for an ultrasound of her stomach to make sure all is in working order.
much like we suspected, everything appeared normal.
i think the next step will be to try some medicine but i'll know more on thursday when we follow up.

i'm glad nothing seems to be terribly wrong with my baby but it's still quite frustrating.
every feeding means a change of clothes [for her and me].
bibs don't help- we have to use blankets instead of burp cloths to try to catch it all [and we never can contain it all. she seriously spits everywhere.]
the carpet and furniture have stains on them.
and she constantly stinks like spit up.

 today she urped in the car while i was taking kate to school-
i was just cruising along and i heard:
 'urp, splash... urp, splash... urp, splash... urp, splash'
that's her normal routine- to forcefully spit up at least 4-5 times.
she soaked her blanket, bib, clothes and the car seat.
she doesn't appear to be in pain and she's gaining weight, for which i am very grateful.
but it's frustrating nonetheless.

these are such minor complaints in the scheme of things.
i know how lucky we are to have a healthy child.
but still, i'm tired.
i just want to feed and snuggle my baby without getting a breastmilk shower. 

and that is that today.
complaining finished.

one more gummy grin?
ok, i'm not frustrated anymore.


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